Thursday, April 30, 2009

Inspection passed!

We have an exciting bit of news to share with you. A few months ago, we mentioned that Casa Shalom would be undergoing a rigorous recertification process, due to new government requirements for all orphanages. We are pretty far along in the process and our most recent hurdle was a surprise inspection of the entire orphanage by the government's adoption branch, the CNA. Although Casa Shalom is always kept clean and tidy, we were nervous because up until now, not a single orphanage in all of Guatemala has passed the inspection during the visit. If the inspectors would found even one area that needed improvement, the home
would have failed the inspection and would have been given 5 days to fix the problem or else the home would have been closed. Based on this inspection, several orphanages in Guatemala have been closed! The inspectors showed up last week, did their inspection, and we just received the news - Casa Shalom passed the inspection on the first try! The inspectors toured the whole home, even the garbage dump! They were impressed by Casa Shalom and said that the kids are "obviously growing up in a loving, safe, nurturing" place. We praise the Lord that Casa Shalom has been blessed with His favor!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Jess this really blessed my heart! What a praise report :) You are amazing, keep up the great work!


Samantha said...

Yes but did they check your room? After being your roomie for many years, I can't imagine they would let that pass. :)Just kidding. Much love. Congrats! That's great news.

Kara Fitzwater said...

Awesome! gave me chills