Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pool party

As part of the kids' week-long Easter break, we went to a local pool today. The kids swam and played for hours, their only break a lunch of carne asada (grilled steak), beans and corn on the cob! Photos: 1 - Wilson is tall enough to help Sergio out in the deep end 2 -Clara gives Ana and Sarai a ride in the water 3- Carlos gives Alex a boost in deeper waters 4 - Carlos and Enma enjoy the warm water 5 - Baby Fatima beat Josh in their staring contest 6 - The toddlers went right up to 2 policemen and chatted with them - by the end, Ana had confiscated one of their MP3 players to listen to herself! 7 - Jorge serves as a pillow for Antonio and Ana 8 - Sleepy children on the ride home.

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