Sunday, April 26, 2009

Update on Evelyn

We have had lots of people email us to
get an update on little Evelyn, who was returned to Casa Shalom by family members last week. Evelyn has grown up at Casa Shalom but a cousin stepped forward and wanted to raise her. The judge who presided over Evelyn's hearing decided that although Evelyn wished to stay at Casa Shalom, she would be placed with her cousin. She left that day and spent nearly 2 weeks with her family. After 2 weeks, her cousin decided she wasn't prepared to raise Evelyn and returned her to Casa Shalom. Many people who heard about this case have expressed concern that Evelyn will have been harmed by the back-and-forth movement. We are happy to report that Evelyn has jumped right back into life at the baby/toddler house. She has expressed her happiness to be back both with her house family and her classmates! We appreciate your concerns and prayers both for Evelyn and all the special children of Casa Shalom.

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