Thursday, April 16, 2009

Channel 27

This afternoon, Casa Shalom had a very special visit from Channel 27, Guatemala's very popular Christian TV channel. The team from Channel 27 interviewed director Jorge Mario, the house parents, some of the older children, and us! The program, which averages about 2 million viewers, will air in Guatemala in about a month and will revolve entirely around Casa Shalom's ministry. We are excited that the news about Casa Shalom will be spread all across the country! Photo 1 and 2: Kevin, Edgar, Wilson, Edwin and Carlos had a great time exploring the van housing the station's sound board Photo 3, 4, and 5: Victor, precocious as always, proclaimed himself camera man for a day and took his place behind his camera Photo 6: Director Jorge Mario interviews us for the program Photo 7: Jorge Mario interviews house parents Maby and Josue Photo 8: The babies line up to receive gifts from the Channel 27 staff Photo 9: Josh with Ana and Sarai

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