Saturday, April 11, 2009

Water Day

Mud, water and sun! Today we had another "water park" day at Casa Shalom. The kids participated in different water activities and got themselves quite dirty! Check out the photos and video below. Photo 1: Water balloon toss Photo 2 and 3: "The Shower" Photo 4: Colim at the shampoo station Photo 5: Celia's new hairdo Photo 6: Alejandro with Scott (Edwin's dog) Photo 7: Water balloon relay Photo 8: Enma and Flora Photo 9: Antonio and Sergio enjoy the water slide! Photo 10: Alex gives his approval to the water slide Photo 11: Angel is covered in soap and grass after his turn on the slide Photo 12: Sarai cleans up after the water slide
Videos: The babies enjoy their turn on the water slide!


amy said...

these are great...I'm so glad Angel participated in the slide this year!

Barb said...

It looks like the kids had a great time this Easter season! We miss them very much and check into your site almost daily to see what else is going on. Looking forward to coming back!
Barbara Meador,
Myakka City Church of God,