Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Minnesota Chicken Farm is a huge blessing for all those at Casa Shalom. Kids of all ages, both boys and girls, are now helping run the farm, and Casa Shalom is saving money by only eating chicken raised on our farm. Casa Shalom is currently in need of funds to purchase more chickens and chicken food in the coming... months. Donating toward the chicken farms helps teach our kids a skill they can use when they are adults, and helps feed them as well. If you'd like help Casa Shalom by donating toward the chicken farm, contact us at:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today, Casa Shalom recieved another new child. Andrea, 12, came to us from Guatemala City, where she lived with her mother. Her mother decided she no longer wanted to care for her, and gave her to the court system to be placed in an orphanage. Please pray for Andrea as she transitions into life at Casa Shalom!
The Casa Shalom website is under construction! The site was designed many years ago, and has never been updated, but now it is being completely remodeled. It will have new photos, updated info, and a brand new design. Here is a preview of a photo that will be on the new site:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Water park fun

Yesterday, a local church donated the funds for the Casa Shalom kids to visit a local water park. From 10 am - 5 pm, the kids slid down water slides, rode inner-tubes in the wave pool, swam, and snacked. Even the babies got in on the pool action, and spent the day in the wading pool!

House mother Marina leads her small kids toward the pool (from left: Abby, Marina, Linda, Tony, Jorge and Abby).

Clemente shows off his colorful beach towel.

Abby and Linda had a blast in the wading pool.

Colim, Alejandra and Ada horse around in the deep end.

Tony, Jorge and Anggie show off their water-wrinkled fingers.

Little Jennifer Denis and Mynor didn't get to swim, but enjoyed a nap outdoors.

Evelyn enjoyed her hamburger at lunch.

So did Cesar.

Kevin, Alejandro, Colim and her big brother Vinicio.


Friday, April 23, 2010


Meet Casa Shalom's newest resident: Maritza! She was abused and abandoned by her family and has a seizure disorder, so she has lots to overcome. But we are so excited to be able to give her the love and care she deserves! Maritza has never been to school and can't read or write, but starting Monday, she will be attending Colegio Shalom. Thank you Lord for bringing this little girl to us!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We were told yesterday that we will be receiving a new child at Casa Shalom within the next few days. She is a seven-year-old girl from Antigua who was physically abused by her father and step-mother, had her arm broken, then was abandoned in the street. She is in the hospital right now,but she will come to live at Casa Shalom soon. We don't know her name yet, but please keep this girl in your prayers! We can't wait to give her a safe and loving home.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Party time

Today, a local church visited Casa Shalom and brought a party for the kids. They played basketball, passed out candy and snacks, and had piñatas for the small children.

Julio, who turned 11 today, enjoys a popsicle with his big sister Eliza.

Anggie, Linda and Abby weren't sure what to make of all the action.

Jorge gave that piñata a run for its money.

Evelyn managed to crack open the piñata quite a bit.

Abby sizes up the piñata.

Cesar and Alex

Alejandra and Maria, along with a fussy baby Mynor.

Sarai and Jorge.


Volunteer Justin with Alejandro and Colim