Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We celebrated a wonderful Easter here at Casa Shalom. Following church service, we had 2 Easter egg hunts - one for the babies and one for the older children. We stuffed over 700 eggs with candy and marshmallows and hid them all over the orphanage property. Enjoy the photos of the egg hunt. Photo 1: Elias is in a hurry to find some eggs Photo 2: Wilson finds some eggs by the school Photo 3: Carlos counts his goodies Photo 4: Eddy found lots of eggs in the garden Photo 5: The older kids show off their loot! Photo 6: Maria hunts for eggs on the babies' playground Photo 7: Tony finds some eggs under the slide Photo 8: Sarai climbs to find some eggs Photo 9; Even little Anggie hunted for eggs Photo 10: Ana was in a hurry! Photo 11 - 15: The babies show off their goodies!


Than Graffam said...

looks like a lot of fun. keep up the great work guys!!!

Anonymous said...

awww, looks like alot of fun :)
good job guys!