Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cleaning day

We had our "spring cleaning" day at Casa Shalom and everyone worked hard to make the orphanage sparkle!

Eveyln and Ana swept and raked.

Celia, Rosendo and Sonia bagged trash.

Jose Ramiro raked leaves

Brandon raked in his pajamas!

Nixon raked too.

Kevin and Director Jorge Mario cleaned around the trash pit.

Wilson, Carlos and Maria (the director's daughter) also cleaned around the trash pit.

Elias, Alejandro, Marvin and Julio show off the animal skull they found...ew!

Edwin shoveled.

Celia hauled leaves.

So did Karen.

Edgar took a break on the swings.

Waltercito took a break on the motorcycle.

Obed took a break on a car.

Rolando stacked chairs.

Carlos got really dirty!

Karen, Elias, Alejandro and Victor relaxed at the end of a hard day.

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