Friday, April 17, 2009

A pitiful post

Today's post has to be the most pitiful we've ever done. We took most of the babies and toddlers to be vaccinated today. Some of the babies took it well and didn't cry, but others screamed bloody murder! We held some of them during their shots, all of them after their shots, and got them all an ice cream when it was over. On another bittersweet note, little Evelyn has returned to Casa Shalom. As we mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, Evelyn went to live with a cousin. But the situation didn't work out and the family couldn't handle taking care of Evelyn. So the courts ordered Evelyn back to Casa Shalom permanently. She is happy to be back with the children she calls brothers and sisters.

Photo 1: Abagail is quickly gaining weight and is up to 19 pounds! Photo 2: Antonio didn't mind his shot so much. Photo 3: Sarai minded her shot very much. Photo 4: Angel was all smiles before his shot Photo 5: But he wasn't so happy during it Photo 6: Neither was Tony Photos 7 and 8: An ice cream after shots made everyone feel better!

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Anonymous said...

Jess! Oh im soo happy about Evelyn being back home!! I kinda teared up a little even...:)

& the pics are great...poor little tony, i mean it doesn't appear that even the icecream helped his mood much.