Monday, May 4, 2009

Nature hike

After a days-long Internet blackout (thanks rainy season!) we are back online. On Friday, we took a nature hike with all the Casa Shalom kids - the hike ended up being far longer and more strenuous than we'd imagined. We don't have tons of wonderful photos because we got left at the back of the pack, toting some of the smallest children who can't climb on their own. But we are happy to share with you the photos we did get to take! Also, on a happy note, we are glad to announce than an anonymous donor has stepped forward to pay the cost of the psychologist who will be spending one day a week at Casa Shalom, starting tomorrow, with the home's most troubled kids.

Photos 1 - 4: The beautiful scenery we encountered on the hike Photo 2: Alejandra and Eliza bravely helped little Jorge and Abagail up the mountain. Photo 3: A giant worm we came across, with a soda can for size reference Photo 4: Martin, Kevin and Marvin show off the big snail they found and took home as a pet Photo 5: Josh and Cesar at the end of the hike

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