Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A visit from Florida

On Monday night, we were happy to welcome a team from Florida that includes several pastors from around the state, Jessica's mom and Jessica's grandpa, who is making his first trip to Casa Shalom! They have accomplished a lot in their short time at the orphanage - they painted the outside of the 3 connecting houses at the bottom of the property, they threw a pizza party, they helped do lots of arts and crafts they brought with them, they have passed out a mountain of clothing they brought, and have handed out Bibles and lots of candy. Enjoy the photos of the Florida team thus far:
Photo 1: The babies enjoy one of the new Veggie Tales videos brought by the team. Photo 2: Jessica's Grandpa, David, and baby Anggie get to know each other Photo 3: Sarai and Maria show off the crowns they made with the group Photo 4: Edwin and Carlos make "haky sacks" during craft time. Photo 5: The girls had a blast with the scrapbooking kits the team gave them. Photo 6: Marvin with baby Abagail in her new dress and crown Photo 6: Jim and little Antonio.

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