Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wanted: 4 good tires

Anyone who has been to Casa Shalom has probably ridden Guatemalan-style in "la van blanca" (the white van). Usually packed to the gills with either kids or North Americans, it is an essential part of day-to-day operations at the orphanage. It has come to our attention that the 4 tires on the la van blanca are more than a bit bald - in fact they failed the "the tread to should come to Lincoln's head on a penny" test. The tread actually barely comes halfway to Lincoln's head! We are in need of $600 to replace the 4 tires on the van. We are worried that the lack of tread poses a danger, especially on the less-than-ideal Guatemalan roads. If you can help meet this meet at Casa Shalom, please contact us @:

Update: A couple has agreed to make a donation to cover the cost of the new tires! Praise the Lord! If I know them at all, I know they wouldn't want their names mentioned, but they know who they are and so does the Lord. We thank them for being a continuing blessing to Casa Shalom.

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