Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trip to Rio Bravo

Last week, we made a trip to San Jose Rio Bravo, the town whose feeding center we support, with Jessica's parents and a pair of missionary friends. We were blessed to be able to bring with us 3 months worth of food for the program. While our main ministry will continue to be at Casa Shalom, we believe that God opened the door for us to work at Rio Bravo for a reason and we'll continue to support these very needy children for as long as we are allowed. Enjoy the photos from Rio Bravo: Photos 1 and 2: Rio Bravo children enjoying their breakfast Photo 3: A little girl using her shirt as a napkin after breakfast 4: Josh serving breakfast Photo Photo 5: Jessica translating for Pastor Freddy, who runs the feeding program, on what will be the 2nd floor of the feeding center. Photo 6: A mother leaving breakfast with her 2 kids. Photo 7: Josh with a 100 lb. bag of beans Photo 8: Jose, a little boy from the program, insisted on helping tote food into the center . Photo 9 and 10: Pastor Freddy and some of the food we brought Photo 11: Jessica with Maria, 9, who shows serious signs of malnutrition Photo 12, 13, 14 and 15: The local school Photo 16: Jessica with schoolgirls who remembered her from a previous visit as Santa Claus's translator! Photo 17: A local organization donated 50 new desks for the kids - the kids are lined up in their desks after receiving them.

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