Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nixon's miracle

A few days ago, I write a post on the 4 young men who are attending their career programs as of this year. Nixon has started classes to become a teacher - a physical education teacher to be exact. But until very recently it looked like Nixon may not get to achieve his dream of becoming a soccer coach and P.E. teacher. As I wrote the post about the 4 young men, I prayed, because Nixon was recently diagnosed with heart issues that would have prevented him from engaging in any physical activity. When Nixon was signing up for his college classes, he was required to take an intensive physical exam. As the star soccer player at Casa Shalom, no one thought he'd do anything less than pass with flying colors. The doctor, however, told Nixon he had a weakened heart, a genetic condition, and that he needed to both choose another career and give up his favorite pastime. We decided to get a second opinion and the second doctor also diagnosed Nixon with heart issues, and referred him to a cardiologist. The cardiologist examined Nixon a few days ago and said, "Young man, your heart is perfectly fine." Nixon was pronounced to have a perfectly good, strong heart and was given the OK to keep playing soccer and to pursue his chosen career path. We don't know what happened in between the first two doctors' visits and the visit with the cardiologist. Is it possible the first doctors both made wrong diagnoses? Of course. But we believe that God performed a miracle for Nixon and healed his heart so Nixon can continue on the course God has chosen for him! Praise the Lord!

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(rick) said...

WOW. This is an awesome story. Thank God for the miracle for Nixon! I don't have any stories like that. You guys make me want to either quit blogging or make up some cool stories to post about!