Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Beverly

Yesterday was a very special day for a very special little girl. It was the 8th birthday of Beverly, a kindergarten student at Colegio Shalom who lives at the nearby HIV/AIDS hospice. Beverly is only in kindergarten because she suffers, unimaginably, from both cancer and HIV and her illnesses cause her to frequently miss school. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments and suffers from fatigue that doesn't usually allow her to play on the playground with other kids during recess. I've taken to sitting with her at recess as often as I can so she doesn't feel left out! Beverly is a wonderful, sweet little girl and her situation is beyond heartbreaking. It is hard to see any sort of fairness in the hand she has been dealt, but we trust that she is still in the Lord's hands. Please keep little Beverly in your prayers as she undergoes these difficult treatments. Photos: Jessica with part of her kindergarten English class - Beverly is in the orange striped hat.

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Anonymous said...

Jessica! this is why i want to come back! i love u guys & will see u sooooon my friend :))