Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spaghetti dinner

Last night, a group from Ontario, Canada, cooked dinner for everyone at Casa Shalom. The giant pots of spaghetti noodles, sauce, bread and Popsicles were a hit! We'd like to thank the group for the wonderful meal they served and for the gifts for the children. The most exciting gift (to us) was the several ear thermometers they brought for the baby house. Here in Guatemala, digital thermometers are a rarity and older mercury thermometers are primarily used. None of the house parents knew how to use them and it was especially difficult in the baby house, since you usually can't take a small child's temperature orally. These thermometers will help ensure the babies are kept healthy and comfortable. Photo 1: the toddlers before dinner Photo 2: Angel shows off his coloring skills Photo 3: Kevin and Clara enjoy their spaghetti Photo 4: Martin put a lot of that green hot sauce on his food! Photo 5: Edwin spikes Celia's spaghetti with hot sauce - she asked him to! Photo 6 and 7: Sergio and Tony enjoy their Popsicles Photo 8 and 9: One of the team members donated his dessert to Abagail, the youngest child at Casa Shalom - from the look of her lips, she enjoyed it!

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