Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bakery Inauguration and a prayer request for baby Abagail

We have both good news and a prayer request for you. First, the prayer request: yesterday, Abagail, the youngest child at Casa Shalom, had to be taken to the hospital. Lately she has been lethargic and extra-tired and yesterday, she developed a fever of 102. Her doctors say Abagail has some type of internal infection but cannot pinpoint where the infection is. She will probably be in the hospital for 3 -5 days, receiving an IV and antibiotics. Please keep baby Abagail in your prayers as she recovers. On a positive note, the new bakery was inaugurated at Casa Shalom yesterday. Funded by a local group of businessmen called Friends of Shalom, the bakery will be used to teach the children the art of baking bread and cakes so they have a skill with which to make a living when they leave the orphanage as adults. A baker will be coming to Casa Shalom 3 days a week to give classes! Photos: 1 - baby Abagail is about 8 months old 2- Supporters prepare to cut the ribbon on the new bakery 3 and 4 - professional baking equipment donated by Friends of Shalom

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