Saturday, February 14, 2009

Eliza's cumpleaños

Tonight, we celebrated the quincieñera party of Eliza. Here in Guatemala, a girl's 15th birthday is a very big deal - it signifies the girl's passage into womanhood and is always celebrated with a big ceremony and party. Eliza and her brothers have lived at Casa Shalom for 7 years and it was an honor to participate in such a big event in her life. Eliza is a wonderful girl who deserved this special night. It was made even more special by the surprise letter and video sent by her sponsors in Washington. Enjoy the photos from Eliza's quincieñera. Photo 1: The birthday girl poses in front of her flowers. Photo 2: Eliza is led to the ceremony by her big brother Hector, who also lives at Casa Shalom. Photo 3: I got to co-host the ceremony with Mario, the director's daughter Photo 4: Eliza's family (sister in law, brother Hector, oldest brother Noe and his little girl, brother Julio) Photo 5: Director Jorge Mario and his wife Noemi praying for Eliza during the dedication Photo 6: Eliza with her cake Photo 7: Eliza with her cake on her face

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