Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hot dogs, Rio Bravo, and grills

What a packed few days it has been working with the Myakka Church of God! The team of 9 arrived late Tuesday night and will leave tomorrow. They have accomplished so much both at Casa Shalom and at the Rio Bravo feeding Center. On Wednesday, we all left the orphanage at 4:30 am to make it to the feeding center by breakfast at 6:30. The team helped serve breakfast to the kids and was able to bring a large quantity of food like milk, pancake mix and ham to donate to the feeding center. The team has also been hard at work at Casa Shalom - the women have cleaned and organized the kitchen and food and clothing storage areas. The men completed a large concrete grill and have worked to get the orphanage's well in running condition. Tonight, the team hosted a hot-dog cookout (450 hot dogs!) on the new grill. The team has been a huge blessing to Casa Shalom and we pray they return soon! Photos: 1 - Breakfast at Rio Bravo 2 - Serving breakfast at Rio Bravo 3, 4 and 5 - Kids at Rio Bravo enjoying their food 6- Rio Bravo kids after their meal 7 - Myakka COG ladies organizing the clothing store room 8 - Josh and Pastor Brad building the grill 9 - Working on the grill 10 - Abagail dressed up and ready for some hot dogs! 11 - Cooking on the new grill 12 - Carlos enjoying his food 13 - More cooking on the new grill

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Anonymous said...

May God continue to bless the Myakka Church Of God. All of the group I'm sure was a blessing to this place. This church has to have one of the best Pastors known to God. Continue working for our Father. God bless this church, its pastor, and all of its wonderful Godly people.