Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday's Featured Child

This Friday's Featured Child is Evelyn Johana. Evelyn is 5-years-old and started kindergarten in January, the beginning of the Guatemalan school year. Evelyn has lived at Casa Shalom since she was a small baby, after being abandoned by her mother. Evelyn loves attending school, watching Veggies Tales movies, and the color purple. As Evelyn's sponsor, you can help the orphanage provide her with a good education, food, clothes, medical care and special field trips outside of the home. 100% of your $30/month donation would go to help Casa Shalom care for Evelyn. If you are interested in becoming Evelyn's sponsor, please contact us at:

In other news, we mentioned a few days ago that baby Abagail had been checked into the hospital because of a high fever and listlessness. Abagail is still in the hospital and after receiving antibiotics for an internal infection, her fever has gone down. Her doctors have been unable to pinpoint exactly where Abagail's infection is, but she will likely be released back to the orphanage tomorrow. We will keep a close watch on her and if need be, check her into another hospital. Please continue to keep baby Abagail in your prayers as she heals.

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