Saturday, November 1, 2008

Field trip!

All last week, the teen boys worked at a recreational center about an hour from Casa Shalom. They painted and cleaned, all part of a volunteer project to teach them about giving back. During the day, they worked and in the afternoon, they got to use the camp's pool and other rec facilities. Yesterday, all the children from the home got to travel to the center to swim and play soccer. Have you ever traveled in a 15-passenger van with 22 little boys? We have! We had to laugh when after about half an hour of driving, we started hearing a chorus of "Ya llegamos?" ("Are we there yet?").

At Casa Shalom, it was chilly and the kids were bundled up - but excited!

Only an hour away, the climate was completely tropical and the kids dove right into the pool! In the video below, Alejandro, Hector, the boys' house dad Walter, and Elias show off their skils.(Click on the arrow to play video)

Photo 1: After being bundled in hats and scarves, the toddlers weren't quite sure what to do with the pool Photo 2: No hesitation allowed - the teen boys throw their house dad into the pool Photo 3: Rosendo gives his little brother Victor a piggy back ride in the deep end Photo 4: A line of little boys wait for Josh to catch them in the water Photo 5: Tony got in the water, but that doesn't mean he has to smile! Photo 6: Carlos cools off and catches some sun.

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