Sunday, November 9, 2008


Life in the third world is a challenge, especially when trying to provide for so many needy children. Casa Shalom relies on donors for every single dollar that comes in to provide food, electricity, clothing, and a roof for these precious children. It would be easy for those in charge to become greedy and guard closely the scarce amount of resources that Shalom has. But we are so happy to report that this is not the case at all - despite having so little, Casa Shalom makes an effort to give to the less fortunate. Less fortunate than orphaned children? Yes, believe it or not, the kids at Casa Shalom have an extremely comfortable life compared to some of their countrymen.

Last week, we learned of a town about 2 hours away, called San Jose Rio Bravo Suchitepequez. This town is so impoverished and the people so needy that in the last few months, 3 children have died of starvation. Casa Shalom is teaming up with some local supporters to donate to these extremely needy people. It makes us so proud to see Casa Shalom taking bags of rice and beans from our storeroom to give to the people of San Jose, with no thoughts of "But what will happen to us?" expressed.

Those in charge at Casa Shalom have experienced firsthand the faithfulness of the Lord - not once has He let the children go without. They may not live a comfortable, North American lifestyle, but they never go without food to eat, clothes to wear and a roof over their heads. Realizing this, the kids at Casa Shalom are happy to donate to those who don't have such luxuries.

And the Lord continues to show His faithfulness to Casa Shalom - today, a pair of Canadian missionaries here in Guatemala sacrificially donated $1,000 to the home. We believe God is blessing Casa Shalom for its faithfulness and we thank Him everyday for what he Has provided for the orphanage!

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