Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vacation Bible School water day

As promised, here are the photos and video from Casa Shalom´s Vacation Bible School water day! Enjoy them! Photo 1: Elia´s war paint is from a flour from a game where the kids had to dunk for objects in flour water Photo 2: In the "Shower game" the kids had to pass a water- filled bucket with holes over their heads. Max and Vinicio didn´t appreciate the cold bath. Photo 3: More kids in the shower game Photo 4: Carlos is drenched by the "shower" Photo 5: The most popular game was the mud pit -Alejandro, Edgar, Jenny and Hector do the army crawl! Photo 6: Edgar is one happy, dirty kid - Evelyn is equally dirty but less happy. Photo 7: Sonia didn´t hesitate one bit to crawl through the mud, as evidenced by her clothes. Photo 8: I feel bad for the washing machine when Karen´s clothes go through Photo 9: Julio, Alex and Alfonso post-mud pit Photo 10: Karen and Maria play shave-the-baloon Photo 11: Eddy Photo 12: Jose Marcelino is one dirty toddler! Photo 13: Santos is really excited to be clean Photo 14: Soapy hair! Photo 15: Josh the barber makes a soap beard Photo 16: Guatemalan slip-and-slide!
Video 1: The kids had water balloon fight with bags full of kool aid! Video 2: Water slide!

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