Monday, November 24, 2008

Food Aid

A few weeks ago, we mentioned a nearby town called San Jose where there is an extreme famine. 3 children have recently died of starvation and we were looking for ways to take action. We were blessed to receive donations of over $1,700 to purchase food for this town. We recently went to Club Co, Guatemala´s version of Sam´s Club and purchased carts and carts of beans, rice, sugar, oatmeal, and salt. Please keep us in prayer as we travel to to San Jose tomorrow to distribute the food to these needy people.

Photo 1: Josh poses with Marco Tulio (right), the businessman who is sponsoring the project to help get San Jose back on its feet, and Edgar, his future son in law. Photo 2: Jessica pushes a cart full of Incapairina, a popular nutrition drink. Photo 3: Josh with another cartful of Incapairina. Photo 4: A cart full of beans, sugar and salt.

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