Saturday, November 22, 2008


Ah, it´s wonderful to have the internet back. Ok, we don´t actually have it back in our apartment, but for some reason it has started working in the Colegio Shalom office.
Here´s an update on what´s been going on this week

1. Water....the water situation has improved greatly. Quite a bit more water has started coming from the local city supply, which has eased our burden. We actually saved up enough to have a ¨water day¨on the last day of VBS...I have lots of great photos that I´ll post as soon as the internet is working quickly enough to post photos.

2. The well....the Casa Shalom well has had some cave ins and tubing issues and has not been working properly. We are extremely blessed to have received a donation from a church Virginia to fix the well. This should end our water woes once and for all!

3. VBS....we finised Casa Shalom´s vacation Bible school yesterday. The event ended with a bang....a water filled bang! Check back for photos!

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