Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday's Featured Child

This Friday's Featured Child is actually 2 children - brothers Julio Cesar, 9, and Hector Estuardo, 17. Julio and Hector have lived at the home for approximately 6 years. The boys and their sister were brought to Casa Shalom's gate by the police the same night their parents and baby brother were murdered in a home invasion. Hector was wounded in the shooting and was brought to Casa Shalom with a bullet still lodged in his cheek. The director at the time took him to a plastic surgeon and praise God, Hector's scar is barely visible.

Hector is an absolute soccer fanatic and also enjoys drawing. Julio says that his favorite free-time activity is climbing Casa Shalom's fruit trees in search of hocotes (small, lime-like citrus fruits). As the boys have no family other than each other and their sister, having a sponsor would be a life-changing blessing for them and would help them believe that they are special and loved! If you are interested in sponsoring one (or maybe both!) of the boys, please contact us:

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