Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday's Featured Child

This week's Featured Child is Karen Alejandra, who goes by Alejandra. Alejandra is 14 years old and is a self-described tomboy! Rarely caught in a dress or wearing make-up, Alejandra says she likes to read mystery novels and to play basketball when she has free time. Alejandra has lived at Casa Shalom for 3 years - when she was 11, her mother divorced her father, gained full custody, dropped her off at the orphanage, and has never returned to visit. Alejandra isn't able to live with her father, who is disabled.

If you are interested in helping Casa Shalom provide Alejandra with all she needs to become a strong young woman (like good food, school supplies, medical care and medicine), please contact us at:

This photo of Alejandra was taken today at the summit of the Picaya volcano, which we climbed today with most of the Casa Shalom kids ages 13 and up. Watch for volcano photos and video tomorrow!

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