Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday's Featured Child

This Friday's Featured Child is Rosendo. Rosendo came to Casa Shalom a few years ago and is part of our largest sibling group at the home - his 3 brothers also live here. Rosendo is 11-years-old and enjoys hunting for bugs on Casa Shalom's property. He also likes to draw and play marbles with his friends. Rosendo says that one day, he would like to work at Casa Shalom as a security guard so he can keep the children safe.
Rosendo and his brothers are at Casa Shalom because they were taken away from their family by the government. Rosendo and his family lived in one of Guatemala City's primary garbage dumps and the family made their living by sifting through the trash for items to sell. After arriving at Shalom, the staff had to work hard to teach all 4 boys not to dig in the garbage - they were so used to surviving this way that it was a difficult habit to break!
If you would like to help Casa Shalom provide Rosendo with nutritious food, school supplies, medicine, clothes and shoes, please contact us at
In other news, a group from South Metro Ministries in Atlanta arrived yesterday and will spend the next 6 days ministering to the children. Tonight, they held a pizza party for the kids and the kids ate until they were more than full - Tony, 2 and half, ate 3 pieces of pizza!
And tomorrow night, the group will be handing out bags with some special pre-Christmas presents for the kids....but shhhhhh, don't tell - it's a surprise for the kids!

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