Saturday, November 15, 2008

Presents for All and a Prayer Request

Tonight, the team from South Metro Ministries handed out the mountain of gifts they brought for Casa Shalom's kids. Each child got a bright, shiny bag filled with toys, candy, clothes and shoes. They were overjoyed and we loved hearing the cries of "que chilero" (how cool!) and "gracias" (thank you). Photos: 1 - Celia shows off her new orange fuzzy hat 2 - Princess Sarai wears her crown proudly 3 - Enma said, "Thanks so much - I really needed some new bracelets!" 4 - Casa Shalom's newest child, Brandon, was so excited about his teddy bear and stickers 5 - Eddy, Elias and Carlos with their Transformers 6 - Henry shows off his brand new shoes. We also have a prayer request for all those who are holding the orphanage up in prayer - For about 4 days, the water supply has been running very low. It is the dry season and most of the houses have had very small amounts of water coming out of the faucets. Not a drop of water has come from the faucet in our apartment for 4 days! Today, the water in the entire home completely ran out. We are currently hauling water from the local community tap in 55-gallon drums, but this water's quality is suspect at best. This problem stems from a lack of rain, which causes local farmers to use the city's water supply for their crops. This in turn creates a lack of water for the surrounding area, and the orphanage and nearby neighborhood are feeling the effects. Yesterday, many of the boys walked to the community water spigot, stripped down to their underwear and lathered up with soap. They weren't the least bit concerned about bathing right out in the open. All of us don't have that luxury, so please pray that the Lord will bring a quick end to our H2O issues!

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