Monday, October 13, 2008

We're still here!

After a week of no new blog posts, some of your may have started wondering if some strange Guatemalan virus got us - but we're still here! The internet went down at Casa Shalom last week, and unlike Comcast, our company doesn't offer next day (or frankly even next week) service. It's still broken and I'm posting from a local food restaurant. Please keep checking back and I'll post as often as I can until the connection is restored and then we'll be back to normal.

There have been lots of exciting developments since last week. On Friday, a combined group from King George Church of God and Spotsylvania Church of God (both in Virginia) arrived to serve for a week as a missions team. Since Friday, they have finished the large gate in the new fence they financed and have started the laborious process of building a roofed play area for the toddlers, which will be a great blessing for the 10 babies who are usually cooped up inside when it rains. The teen boys have volunteered for lots of back-breaking work like mixing and hauling cement.

Please watch for more posts soon!

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