Monday, October 27, 2008

Hospice San Jose

Last week, we visited the Hospicio San Jose, a local hospice that serves HIV and AIDS patients. Nearly 40 of the children from the hospice attend school at Colegio Shalom - here in Guatemala, there exists a large amount of misinformation and poor education regarding the disease and how it is spread. Because of this, the children from the hospice weren't permitted to attend school anywhere and Colegio Shalom stepped up and allowed the children to receive an education at the orphanage. Seeing all the children affected by this illness was heartbreaking - but they greeting their English teacher with a smile and a hug! They ran, laughed, played and snacked on cookies like children in any other location - from their demeanor, you would never know that many of them are orphans and have little hope outside of the hospice. But we praise God for a home like Hospicio San Jose and for a school like Colegio Shalom that give these precious children the chance at a normal, happy life. The hospice doesn't allow visitors to take photos of the children, but enjoy photos of the home. Photos: 1 -One of the toddler's bedrooms, but the toddlers were playing outside!2 - Josh and Jessica pose with one of the San Jose psychologists in front of the altar at the chapel 3 - The teen boys rooms are covered with soccer posters 4 -Hospicio San Jose is currently building the largest genetics lab in Central America in order to further study the HIV/AIDS virus

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