Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A great work

Good news - the internet is back at Casa Shalom! We are excited to finally be able to share some photos of the great work the team from Virginia has been doing since Friday! They have 3 main projects - 1 is the building of a roofed play area for the toddlers. The second is the construction of a large gate at the back of the property which will complete the new fence that encircles the property. The third is the painting of murals on the walls inside the toddlers' home. The group has worked hard since Friday and has had lots of help from the teen boys of Casa Shalom who are now on "summer vacation" and are happy to lend their hands to the project! They are glad to feel useful and are really taking ownership of their work. Please enjoy the photos below. 1 - the teen boys unload bags of cement (no pre-mixed cement here in Guatemala!) 2 - the teen boys and team member Jonathan work together to tote water for mixing cement 3 - Danny and Richard take the first measurements for the new playground 4 - laying block is hard work! 5 - Randy makes use of Casa Shalom's tractor to haul gravel 6 - Jessica shovels gravel 7 - the worksite 8 - the framework of the playground goes up 9 - the roof goes on 10 - the whole group poses in front of the nearly-completed playground (all that's missing is the playground equipment!).

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Following God's Call said...

Hey Jess, so glad to see you back. I missed seeing your daily blogs on whats going on up there! Looks like the team as well as the kids are doing a wonderful job. Take care and see you soon. Michelle, your stalker in Guatemala ;o)