Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday's Featured Child

This Friday's Featured Child is Eddy Estuardo de Leon. Eddy is 13 years-old and lives at Casa Shalom, along with his younger brother. Eddy loves to play soccer and marbles in his free time and also says that he enjoys climbing trees. Eddy likes to each chicken soup and ice cream, but not together! Eddy and his younger brother live at the orphanage because their single mother cannot afford to take care of them. Eddy has a younger sister that lives with his mother and struggles with feelings of abandonment because she lives at home while he and his brother were sent to live at Casa Shalom. Having a sponsor would greatly boost Eddy's feelings of self-worth! Eddy is patiently waiting for a sponsor to choose him so he can send photos and talk about his favorite things to do! If you would like to end Eddy's wait, for $30/month, you can provide him with better food, clothes and shoes, medicine and doctor's visits if he gets sick, field trips outside the home, school supplies, and other items Eddy needs to be a happy and healthy young man, please email us at: or visit the Child Sponsorship webpage at:

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