Saturday, October 18, 2008

A lasting impression

The group from King George COG and Spotsylvania have completed their work at Casa Shalom. We'd like to thank them for all their hard work and the blessing they have been to the kids and to us. Their work will not be forgotten - they have made a lasting impression on Casa Shalom! Today was the dedication ceremony of the new playground, after which the toddlers had a chance to play on their new playground. We're happy to report that the vote is unanimously thumbs-up - they LOVED their new play area. Enjoy the photos and video below of the children getting to know their new North American friends and their new playground. 1 - Antonio spies on his friends using the playground's telescope 2 - Jim gives Tony a push on the new baby swing 3 - Randy continues to push Tony long after he fell asleep 4 - Mike is smiling because he's having fun with Victor. Victor is smiling because he stole Mike's sunglasses 5 - Dottie poses with Sonia and Casa Shalom's newest resident, Clara Alicia 6 - Dottie shows Alejandra how to use a paint roller Video - Jim and Randy push Ana and Sarai on their new swingset.

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