Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's Featured Child

This Friday's Featured Child is Vincio Beb Salguero. I chose Vinicio, 13, as this Friday's Featured Child because I've never seen a child more eager to be sponsored. Nearly every day he asks me, "Jessica, have you found a sponsor for me yet?" And I always say, "Not yet, Vinicio, but I promise you it will be soon!" Vinicio is at Casa Shalom along with his younger brother and sister because his mother became a drug dealer to support his family. Some of you may remember that Vinicio's sister Colim was the Featured Child a few weeks ago - Vinicio, Colim, and their brother Marvin all still are greatly affected by the murder of their mother last Christmas, over a drug deal gone bad. Their mother, along with several aunts and cousins, were murdered by armed intruders during dinner and the 3 children survived by hiding under the kitchen table or diving out a window. Vinicio says that he really likes to take the teen boys' dog, Spike, on walks and that he enjoys listening to music in his free time. His favorite subject in school is English, although he may have just said that to get brownie points from his English teacher!

If you are interested in becoming the sponsor Vinicio has waited so long for, please email us at Your $30/month will help buy the food, medicine, school, supplies, doctor's visits, and other items Vinicio needs to grow into a healthy young man! And your letters will help show Vinicio that he is loved and cared for.

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Rhonda Hall said...

Hello to All!
I really enjoyed my stay there. i fell in love with the children and staff. We came there to minister and we were ministered to. God is good. Please let Maria know I will be writing soon! love to you all. You are in our prayers.
watching from the wall,