Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday's Featured Child

This Friday's Featured Child is Colim Graciela Beb Salguero. Colim is 9-years-old and says that her favorite color is bright pink. She loves to play with Barbie dolls and stuffed bears in her free time. Colim is in the 4th grade and says her favorite subject is math. Colim has two brothers at Casa Shalom - Marvin is 11 and Vinicio is 13. Colim is excitedly waiting for a sponsor to choose her - she can't wait to practice her letter-writing skills!

Colim lives at Casa Shalom because her fathered abondoned her family and her mother turned to dealing drugs to support them. She didn't care for her 3 kids, but let them roam freely in the garbage dump next door to their home. Colim needs special love and prayers from a sponsor because this will likely be a difficult holiday season for her and her brothers - last Christmas, her mother, aunts and cousins were murdered during a drug-related home invasion. Her relatives were shot as the family gathered around the dinner table and Colim and her brothers saw the whole incident. Please consider making a difference in Colim's life by becoming her sponsor! For $30 per month, you can provide Colim with improved food, medical care, medicine, school supplies, needed clothes and shoes, recreational trips outside the orphanage and other item's vital to her development. More importantly, your letters and prayers can help show Colim your love and the love of Jesus. If you are interested in sponsoring Colim or her brothers, please visit the Sponsorship Program website: or email us at

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