Tuesday, October 7, 2008


There have been lots of changes here at the orphanage during the last two weeks. We were pleased to find out that Director Jorge Mario isn't afraid to make staff changes when he finds it necessary. Two house parents have been replaced in the last week because Jorge Mario believed that they were not giving their all to their children. Last week, the teenage boy's house mother was replaced by a couple who used to house parent them. Yennifer and Walter will be a great addition to the teen boys' home and have already made great strides in making the house cleaner and more homey. Additionally, the house mother for the boys age 6 - 9 will tomorrow be replaced by a legendary Casa Shalom house parent - Marina. Marina used to work here at Shalom as a house mother but left to take care of her ill mother. Everyone raves about what a stellar house mother she was and tomorrow, she's returning to care for the little boys. A third piece of news is that yesterday, Casa Shalom received it's first new child in nearly a year. A 14-year-old girl named Clara Alicia was brought here yesterday with nothing but the clothes on her back. We don't know much about her background yet, but please keep Clara in your prayers as she adjusts to life at Casa Shalom.

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