Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little more security

Casa Shalom is about to get a little more secure. The home is surrounded on 3 sides by a security fence, but the 4th side, along the back of the property isn't enclosed. It is heavily wooded and extends down the back side of a mountain. Nevertheless, it has unfortunately been a way for intruders to enter the property fairly easily. It's also been a way for the oldest of our 57 little angels to sneak out of the home on occasion. God has provided a solution to this problem through the Spotsylvania Church of God in Virginia, which has donated both money and labor to fence in the back side of the property. Right now, local workers are working on the fence and in a few weeks, a group of men from the Spotsylvania church will be at Casa Shalom to complete the project. Below are some photos of the project in progress. Also included is a gratuitous cute photo of Jose Marcelino trying to help clean - by sweeping dirt!

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