Sunday, September 28, 2008

Clowning around

Today, a church from the capital visited and brought with them un payazo (a clown!). He was a very funny clown and played all kinds of games with the kids - he was a hit with all of the kids except baby Tony, who, when he saw the clown, was carrying a small plate of food. He saw the bright clothes and painted face, threw his plate of food straight up in the air and ran crying! We kept a good distance between him and the clown after that. The church also brought presents for all the kids. Check out the photos of the clown and the kids with their goodies, below. Photos: 1 - Left - Antonio is all smiles with new friend, the clown. 2 - Victor is so excited about his present 3 - The kids are happy to get their presents 4 - The clown plays a game with the kids 5 - Angel and Jose Marcelino show off their goodies 6 - Alex lords over Josh the fact that his "guys" just killed Josh's "guys" 7 - Jessica and the clown 8 - Sarai shows of her new pots and pans

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