Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's Featured Child

This was intended to be yesterday's post - but due to strong storms, we didn't have power for most of the day - so this is Friday's post - on Saturday!

This Friday's featured child is Nixon Roberto. Nixon is patiently waiting for someone to choose him as a sponsored child! He is 17 years old and is starting University, studying to be a science teacher. Nixon has one big passion - soccer, scoring a majority of Casa Shalom's goals when the boys from the orphanage play against other church or school groups. Nixon dreams of one day becoming a professional soccer player, but says that he wouldn't mind being a teacher either. Check out the video of Nixon's most recent goal, below. If you're interested in sponsoring Nixon, or any other child from Casa Shalom, please visit the Casa Shalom Child Sponsorship webpage:
or email us at:

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