Saturday, September 20, 2008

A fun fiesta and some good news

Today, our missionary friends, Kirk and Michelle Lightfield, threw a party for the kids. There were hot dogs and cupcakes, face painting and piñatas! Unfortunately for the kids, I was in charge of the face painting, but they didn't seem to mind that my face-painting skills are clearly not up to par. They enjoyed the food, the treats, and especially the candy- and toy-filled piñantas. Our ear drums are sad to report that the kids are making good use of the toy whistles they all received!
Good news, also: The doctor who visits Casa Shalom periodically today examined all of the babies to check on their health. He was happy to report that every one was in improved health from the last time he visited - their weight has improved (meaning for most of them that is has gone up!), their teeth are better, and they are developing as expected. Praise God! (Photos: 1 -Cesar and Sarai show off their face paint and new toys. 2 - Jessica attempts to paint Angel's face 3 -Tony looks cool in his new sunglasses. . 4 - Director Jorge Mario and his wife Noemi serve cupcakes 5 - The boys whack a piñata with balloons, cheered on by our friend Kirk

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