Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A difficult day

Today, we had to say a difficult goodbye. Sarai, 3, has been at Casa Shalom for several years, but today, left to live with her father. A year ago, a judge ruled that Sarai could return to live with her father, her only family, although he seemed unable to hold down a job. But her father didn't want to remove her from the orphanage and she continued to live at Casa Shalom even though she could have gone home with him. Today, however, he decided to remove her from the home. It has been a difficult day for all of us who have had to say goodbye to this wonderful little girl. All of the kids at Casa Shalom are special, but there are a select few who simply shine and immediately capture your heart, and Sarai was one of them. She greeted everyone who entered the baby house with "Hola, me llamo Sarai! Como te llamas?" (Hello, my name is Sarai! What is your name?) She lit up every room she was in! We trust the Lord to do His will in Sarai's life, and the life of ever child at Casa Shalom, and we ask that you pray for peace in the heart's of all at Casa Shalom who were saddened to see Sarai go.

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(rick) said...

We love Sarai and pray for her safe return. She belongs to God.