Friday, May 29, 2009

A birthday party gone to the dogs

Last night, we held a special birthday party. Guests included both people and some of Casa Shalom's favorite pets. Between yesterday and the day before, we had lots of birthday boys and girls. Here's a list -

Ana -7 years Maria (the director's daughter) - 16 years Alejandro - 14 years Max - 14 years Walter (house dad to the teen boys)- we didn't feel it was polite to ask Our dog Burrito - 1 year To celebrate these birthdays, we threw a hot dog cookout and invited everyone at Casa Shalom! The kids and pets chowed down on lots of hot dogs and chips and had a great time!

Photos - 1 - The boys help set up for the party by hauling benches
2 - Our dog Burrito wears a party hat made for him by some of the kids
3 - Cesar helps man the grill 4 - Santos, Benjamin, Wilson and Edwin
5 - Birthday boy Alejandro and his dog Spike 6 - Birthday girl Maria and her dog Snoopy

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