Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Posting from Pollo Campero

Hello everyone! As you may have guessed, we are in the middle of what will probably be the first of many, many internet outages of the rainy season. As we've ranted about before, customer service here consists of our internet company asking "Well, what did you do to break the internet?"
We are currently posting from Pollo Campero, a local fast-food restaurant that offers wireless internet! So if we are don't post for a period of time, keep coming back and keep praying our internet issues will be resolved!! All is going well at Casa Shalom. We celebrated a wonderful Mother's Day - the girls' house invited Jessica over for a special Mother's Day dinner (photos to come). We continue to work at the school during the day and with the kids who live at Casa Shalom during the evening. Please continue to keep Casa Shalom in your prayers! Photos: Clemente, Vinicio and Edgar keep their balance while trimming trees way up off the ground!

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