Saturday, May 23, 2009


We have returned home safely from our trip to Peten, in northern Guatemala. There, we visited two national parks to see ruins of Guatemala's indigenous Mayan culture. During our two day trip, we first visited the ruins at Quirigua, below. The elaborately carved monoliths display Mayan carvings and writings. In photo 3, you can see the Mayan system of writing, which used pictures instead of letters. Photo 4 is of a carvings of a giant snake's head!

We also visited the ruins at Tikal National Park, he most important site featuring Mayan ruins. The site features many different pyramids and temples, as well as gravesites and altars. In one of the photos below, you can just get a glimpse of a howler monkey, one of the many kinds of wildlife that can be found in the park!

And finally, enjoy some videos we took at Tikal. In video 3, you can hear the loud call of the howler monkeys!

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