Monday, June 1, 2009

Great news about Rio Bravo!

Those who have read about our efforts to support the breakfast feeding program in San Jose Rio Bravo will be excited by the news that the program will soon be expanding to help more children in the impoverished Guatemalan costal area. Now serving approximately 140 children breakfast 5 days per week, the program will very soon be expanding to serve 100 more children each day, thanks to a generous donor with a heart for the program. The goal is to expand the program to serve 400 children in the near future - the increases will happen in steps, as the area's neediest children are sought out and invited to attend. We made a trip to Rio Bravo today to bring some clothes and a brand new, larger stove to help the program's cooks prepare breakfast each morning (thanks to our missionary friends Bob and Georgette for their generosity in providing the stove).

Speaking of the cooks, we were also happy to be able to bring a small donation to bless the 6 ladies who cook the breakfasts for the children. We recently discovered that the 6 ladies, who arrive at the feeding center at 3 a.m. Monday - Friday, have worked for over 7 months without receiving a single cent in return! That level of dedication is astounding and we were happy to be able to give them a small offering, thanks to another donor in the United States. Please keep Rio Bravo's feeding program, as well as the very needy kids it serves, in your prayers. If you'd like to get involved with making a difference in the lives of the kids of San Jose Rio Bravo, email us at

Photo: Bob, a local missionary, and Hugo (right), a worker at Casa Shalom, unload the new stove.

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