Monday, March 16, 2009

Prayer and giving

We all got quite a scare today when little Maria, one of Casa Shalom's newest and youngest residents, took a fall in her house. She hit her head and started seizing. She was unable to breathe, started turning purple, and was rushed to the hospital. The Life Academy kids gathered to pray for her, and continued praying until we heard that Maria was going to be ok! Her airways were opened and some preliminary tests were conducted to find out why she had a seizure. More in-depth tests were needed, and when I mentioned this to Life Academy, they began reaching into their pockets and book bags and pulling out money to cover the costs of Maria's tests. Within a minute, we had enough to cover the entire cost!

The Life Academy students engaged in some serious prayer and some serious generosity. We are so grateful that the Lord has used them in these very important ways!

Photos: 1 - David pushing Victor 2- Carlos found this giant rhinoceros beetle and tormented the ladies with it 3 - The beetle up close 4 and 5 - Magnetic darts with Jose Ramiro and Kevin 6 - Giggles during Monday night devotions 7 - Devotions with the boys

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