Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yesterday, Casa Shalom welcomed a new child! Little Maria is two and a half-years-old. Maria's mother couldn't afford to take care of her and left her at a local AIDS hospice. Since Maria doesn't have the AIDS, it was decided that she'll live at Casa Shalom. She's a sweet little girl who is already integrating herself into the baby house - that makes 15 babies and toddlers!

And we are happy to report that yesterday, baby Abagail, 8 months, was released from the hospital and is back at Casa Shalom. As diagnostics aren't nearly as advanced here as in the U.S., her illness was never fully explained to us - we know she was suffering from an internal infection, but the location of the infection was never pinpointed. Nonetheless, we are excited to have her back at Casa Shalom - please keep Abagail and Maria in your prayers!

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