Saturday, March 21, 2009

Moving on

This past week, 3 wonderful young ladies moved on from life at Casa Shalom. Dora, Jacinta and Jennifer, all in their early 20's, have moved to Antigua to be part of a ministry called Casa Esperanza (House of Hope). Casa Esperanza is a home that serves young women who have grown up in orphanages and helps prepare them for life beyond a group home. Growing up in an orphanage, many girls lack basic life skills like opening a bank account, getting a job or finding a place to live. Because of their lack of skills, they often fall into drug use or end up pregnant shortly after they leave the orphanage. This ministry uses a 3-step program to transition them into the outside world. By phase 3, the girls will have found a job and will have a place of their own to live, all with the support of Casa Esperanza. Please keep Dora, Jenny and Jacinta in your prayers as they make this transition.

Also, the 6-person team from Christian Life Center in Yakima, WA, arrived today to minister for a week at Casa Shalom. The team will be replacing the roof on the kitchen and will be ministering to the kids each evening. Please keep their team in your prayers over the next week.

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Amy said...

That is wonderful news...thanks for posting.I am so happy for Dora and the other girls. They deserve a fair chance.