Thursday, March 12, 2009

If you can't beat 'em in soccer, play by hockey rules!

Today, the Life Academy kids spent the morning and most of the afternoon hard-at-work on the fence. They earned some play time later in the day and spent it swinging, playing card games and most of all, playing soccer! As everyone who has played soccer against the Casa Shalom kids can testify, they are verrrryyy good! Finding their soccer skills not quite up to par with the skills of the Guatemalan kids, the Life Academy kids started doing what any good Minnesota-raised kid would do: start playing by the rules of hockey! Look below for a great photo of a group of the kids checking poor Edwin into the concrete barrier surrounding the soccer field.

Photo 1: Nicole and Victor spent some quality time on the swings Photo 2: Angel laughts after getting caught cheating during a game of War Photo 3 and 4: more card games Photo 5: Up against Edwin, one of Casa Shalom's best soccer players Photo 6: Ouch! Checked against the concrete...I'm pretty sure that's against the rules in soccer! Photo 7: It didn't matter who won or lost, the Life Academy and Casa Shalom kids are having a great time together!

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